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When I was thinking about moving to Vermont after 54 years in Virginia, I had my eye on three houses. There was the white house, the yellow house and a small blue house that was semi-surrounded by an abandoned slate quarry that I called the quarry house. I bought the quarry house, which became the name of my company, my web site, and one of my blogs.

Most of my career I have worked in broadcast and media engineering, helping clients design and build TV studios, large-scale AV installations, control rooms, and other high technology projects. I marketed at a high level, helping build three technology startups (One I owned) into major international corporations. For a time, I was also a partner in an ad agency.

At the same time, I had a creative side. I wrote poetry, short stories, articles, essays and a  novel (Now there are two of them, and a third on the way.). I slowly evolved into a photographer and artist. I designed a huge range of things from interiors to business processes to web sites to landscapes. I began to act as a coach (I hate that name) to a select group of people, helping them build better lives for themselves. That has become the most well known and rewarding part of what I do. Since 2017 I have also become a pastor and spiritual counselor.

Quarry House, the company, is my attempt to blend all the things I do into one. It is not an easy task, since I have never been able to tell people what I do in 25 words or less.. If you are interested in learning more, please go visit my "About" page.

Thanks for visiting. Stay a while.  Like I tell people here in Vermont. I am southern, where people drop in and chat. So, drop in, leave me a message, or send me an e-mail. Everything great starts with a conversation.

Tom Atkins