Commercial and Architectural Photography 

My Photography appears in magazines articles, advertisements, book covers, web sites, marketing materials and many other venues. While my work covers nearly every genre, over the past decade I have specialized in three uniquely challenging niches.

Unlike many commercial photographers who keep complete rights to the images, I share all rights, allowing you to use your photographs for any purpose, for as long as you like, with no extra cost beyond the original commission.

 Technical Spaces

With three decades work in systems integration, it's natural that I have focused on photographing technical spaces and equipment for broadcast, AV and Media Centric IT. Capturing not just the image, but the design and workmanship that sets these spaces apart, my work is commissioned by systems integrators, manufacturers, architects and publishers.


Historical and Spiritual Spaces

A lifelong passion for history developed into a passion for photographing historic and spiritual spaces. Capturing the unique atmosphere of these spaces, while taking special care to preserve them is the biggest challenge in historical imaging. Whenever possible, I shoot with natural light. When extra lighting is needed, I use special low UV lamps to preserve colors and fabrics.  

My historic photography has appeared in magazines, books, marketing materials, web sites and museums.

High Impact Landscapes and Artistic Images

Living in Virginia and Vermont, I have developed a reputation for high impact landscapes and artistic photography that has appeared in magazines, web sites and in many galleries.


What can I do for you?

So that's me and that's Quarry House. I hope this answers a bit of what you hoped to find when you clicked the "Photography" link. Take some time to look over the rest of our site, and then contact us. Let's talk about what you want to do and see where I can help. Everything great starts with a conversation.