.What Can I Do For You? 

I'm Tom Atkins, founder of Quarry House. Working as a consultant, I help my clients accomplish their goals in a number of specialties including....

  • Leadership Training - Sales, Management, and Customer Service all depend on quality leaders to give you the edge. How do you build your own leaders from within? As part of The John Maxwell Team, the world's largest leadership training organization, we can train your people into leaders that will move your organization to higher and higher levels of success.

  • Business Development - As a veteran of three start ups that grew into national powerhouses, I help organizations develop, upgrade or develop new business and marketing plans to grow, sometimes dramatically.

  • Marketing - Some clients use us at Quarry House to help strategize and create effective, and cost effective marketing in the B2B world. We have special expertise working with companies in the Broadcast/AV/Media-Centric IT market.

  • Simplifying - Simplicity has become a powerful strategy for project design, service offerings, business processes and life/work balance. But simplicity is not easy. We can help.

  • Creativity - Creativity and Innovation has become one of the most effective strategies to grow any organization, grow sales and grow satisfaction. But how do you build a culture of creativity? We can help.

  • Communication - "Everyone Communicates. Few Connect." These four words are profound, and they are the secret to changing customers into advocates, employees into evangelists. Yet it is often the weakest point of any organization. Want to know how to make it better? We can help.

  • Broadcast, AV and Media Centric IT - With thousands of systems designed over decades of work, we can consult or project manage your new media facility or project.

What sets me apart

Most people, as well as most organizations, have the answers to reach their goals and become their best selves inside them. But they are too caught up in the day to day, too focused on what is or what didn't work in the past to see, and more importantly, find the path that leads them where they want to go.

The best coaches and consultants don't TELL you what to do. They are highly trained to listen, to draw out the answers, and help you find your best path to success. They don't give you cookie cutter answers. They know how to hold you accountable and make consulting not a "Let me tell you what to do" process, but a collaborative process of discovery and accountability that builds sustainable, long term results.

No matter what aspect of your company I work in, that's what I do at Quarry House. Companies and organizations I work with, succeed. People I work with, grow.

 Let's Talk!

So that's me and that's Quarry House. I hope this answers a bit of what you hoped to find when you clicked the "Consulting" link. Take some time to look over the rest of our site, and then contact us. Let's talk about what you want to do or become, and see where I can help. Everything great starts with a conversation.